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I had this post 3/4 written two weeks ago. I was going to get up on my glittery soapbox and rage against the ignorant, self-righteous, hypocritical machine that often is the Republican party and this Republican presidential ticket when it comes to women and the issues that affect them. The words “back the f— off my uterus” were in the second paragraph.

But then, last night, I watched the first half of the Half the Sky documentary, which is based on the beautiful, heart-wrenching and life-changing book of the same name by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Half the Sky investigates the personal and political challenges and sufferings of women in developing countries. Issues like sex trafficking and genital mutilation. Gang rape and familial beatings. Girls stolen from their homes and brothels full of pre-teens. Things that you want to believe don’t exist. But they do. Oh, they do. And yet these girls — these women who hold up half the sky — they persist. They survive.

The stories of the women featured in the documentary reminded me that screaming about Republicans being bad guys trying to take away my access to contraception or the right to my body (not to mention the continued absence of rights to my gay friends) doesn’t get us anywhere. Might make me feel a little better, but it doesn’t actually do anything. It doesn’t change any opinions or open any minds. It doesn’t evolve our positions. It doesn’t educate.

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Jacklyn —  September 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it might actually explode. My palms were sweating [and thank all that is holy for that extra strength deodorant I put or my pits would be a straight-up swamp], and my vision went blurry. Every muscle in my body froze, making me move like the Tin Man. My voice reached the pubescent boy pitch, and the only thing that could have possibly made it any worse was really terrible jokes. Then came the word vomit AND the jokes.

That was when the really sweet front desk lady at Eyedeology on Peachtree and 7th walked me back into the exam room.

I am 27, and until last week, I had never been to an optometrist before. Dentist, rheumatologist, gynecologist. Psh. Easy peasy. But someone examining my eyes?! I have never been as scared as I was walking into that place. The staff instantly tried to calm me and prepare me for what was going to happen during my appointment, but I couldn’t shake my trepidation and panic.

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I finished my fruit fast on Wednesday, and I won’t lie — that oatmeal and coffee tasted a-maz-ing on Thursday morning. Technically, I broke the fast a little early on Wednesday, when I had two basil martinis [herbs are just a step away from fruits, right?], but I still refrained from eating, so I think it’s fine. [Pro tip: When one of your directors invites you to happy hour, always say yes.]

I only lost two pounds this time, which is less than normal, but I found this fast less daunting than previous ones. I rarely wanted to cave and was generally satisfied consuming [lots of] fruit. But while this fast included fewer physical challenges, I stumbled upon more and deeper mental and emotional realizations than normal.

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Cleansing is all the rage. This is not news. From the cayenne pepper master cleanse to Kaeng Raeng‘s vegan, gluten-free, Kind-Diet-approved detox, the concept of refraining from our normal diets, washing away the preservatives and excess calories that clog us and restarting our metabolisms is one we’re all aware of, even if we’ve not all participated.

But let’s be honest: the draw of these cleanses is mostly weight loss. Sure, we may get rid of some toxins and gain some self-pride in the process, but we choke down lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper [Seriously? Has someone actually completed this? I’d love to hear the story.] and/or pay $100 for three days of juice because we want to be a few pounds lighter.

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