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Bra shopping is the worst. I despise it even more than shopping for jeans. On a scale of being tarred and feathered to being covered in chocolate and letting Anthony Weiner lick me, bra shopping falls around being covered in paper cuts and jumping into a bathtub of lemon juice.

That is until Whitney invited me to join True&Co, a startup devoted to revolutionizing the way women shop for lingerie. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical of buying bras online [or any type of clothing that I couldn’t buy from Zappos], but I decided to give it a shot. After all, they are following the Zappos shipping model. [Free shipping both ways is the best. If you don’t have it, it’s a deal breaker for me.]

Here’s how it works: you answer some questions about how your bras fit currently. Then, you pick three bras you’re interested in trying, and True&Co sends two they think you’ll like based on your answers. You keep the bras for a week or so, and send back the ones you don’t like. There is a $45 hold on your card once the products are shipped to you, but you only get charged for what you decide to keep. Awesome, right?

My experience with them has been pretty good so far. There are a couple of areas for improvement, but I could say that about any company. Whitney sent me an email with a $20 discount code, we talked about it and I decided to sign up because, well, who doesn’t love shopping online? She helped me answer the questions, and we spent an hour going through the choices in my personal shop when I realized that more than half of my options were A cup only. As a solid [and proud] B cup gal, I found myself slightly offended by this, but we went back in and changed the answers to the questions in order to change the options I was given. Voilà! B cups!

I made my selections. True&Co made their choices. I went through the checkout process but found nowhere to put in my discount code. No worries, I’m sure I can handle this later, I though. But it turns out you can’t handle this later without calling and complaining about it, which Whitney did and they gave her the credit. I’m too lazy, and talking on the phone may be my third most hated thing in the world. It’s possible that losing a discount like this would be a giant turn off for me, but I’ve actually placed a significant order since and invited several of my friends. Here’s the thing I don’t fully understand about True&Co: I can invite you to join the service, you get a $20 discount and I will too, but the invitation is only good for a short period of time. I get that this puts pressure on ladies to join in a tighter timeframe, but it leaves me with a feeling of “what the hell is this about?” because as a first time user, this brand new company I haven’t really heard of is forcing itself to become a high priority in my life. Somewhat annoying and awkward, like a surprise dinner guest.

I’m spoiled by Zappos VIP service, so the time it took from submitting my order and actually receiving the package felt like an eternity. [I placed my last order on 4/21, and it arrived on 4/30.] Long shipping time really helps build the anticipation, which may be why I flipped my shit went my first package arrived. It’s like Christmas but better because it’s stuff you actually want! The packaging was beautiful, with information cards, a nice packing slip and plenty of tissue paper. It even inspired me to take a ton of unboxing photos because, after all, I’m a giant nerd and unboxing photos + me go together like latte art + Instagram.

Returns are easy. Just don’t mark your items for return on the iPad. They don’t have a mobile site and checking off the boxes leaves plenty of room for error. [Trust me, I’ve dealt with their support team several times – luckily they’re wonderful].

Even though there are some things I want to see improved, I really love True&Co. In fact, I even gave them $65 for the hell of it! Actually, not really. Story:

It was high-stress planning time for Dancers Unite Against Cancer. [For those of you that know me, you know I fall off the face of the earth January through June every year, and when you do see me I’ve got 67% more gray hair and I can barely keep my eyes open.] I had chosen a dress but needed a backless strapless bra to go with it. [For the guys reading this, that means a magic bra.] True had one, I ordered it and went about my biz. When it came time to return my things, I saw that the magic bra was $65. Drawing on my vast experience with magic bras, I knew I could get a similar style by the same brand at Target for $25. I returned the bra. About 10 days later, I saw they credited my account for the returns. Like a dumbass, I quickly responded that I had kept it, so they accepted blame in the receiving department and charged me. A few weeks later, on the day of my event, I tore my house apart looking for that damn bra only to realize I actually did return it. I didn’t bother to ask for my money back. It’s my fault. But I also don’t want it back; I love them that much. [Maybe they could put the $65 towards updating their invitation strategy?]

The best part about True&Co is that it’s not a subscription model and you don’t get charged every month if you don’t buy anything. Trust me, if you sign up for their service, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you an invitation for $20 off your first purchase. [I would put the link here, but it would only be good for the next week-ha.] Give it a shot. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being covered in paper cuts and jumping into a bathtub of lemon juice. I hope.

And one last thing: get the lace thong three pack. You will fall in love with them, I promise.


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