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I’m a huge advocate for following your passion and doing what you love. And [bonus] I’m one of the people who is lucky enough to be doing just that.

Earlier this week I read an article on Fast Company essentially saying that Steve Jobs didn’t follow his own advice to ‘do what you love’ and instead stumbled into his success with Apple because of other small details that helped him along the personal computing path. I feel that the article is overly pessimistic and states at the bottom of the article that advising people to follow their passion isn’t always useful career advice. Here’s my main issue: people are taking this whole doing what you love thing literally.

Do you think I was thinking about how passionate I was about interaction design when I was hanging out in the design lab in high school? Hell no, I didn’t even know that term even existed. I was thinking about how great it would be to take the print projects I was working and put them on a website. I did some googling; A lead to B, B to C and then I ended up graduating from art school with a BFA in Interactive Media Design with a new focus on usability and user experience.

Shortly after graduation, I rediscovered my love of dance [after a long hiatus]. Dancing began to fill all of my free time and the thought of ditching my education to be a dance instructor became super appealing [thanks family and friends for talking me out of that one]. I looked for ways that I could incorporate my love for dancing and movement into my work; I tried launching a company that focused specifically on dance web design, I bartered with instructors around the city [websites for private lessons], I did social media and online presence consulting for dance studios. Nothing seemed to make me happy, and then it dawned on me, I was actually mixing business with pleasure and it wasn’t fulfilling. In fact, it mad me feel exactly the opposite, empty, angry and tired.

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